15 Funny Baby Costumes To Sew For Your Baby’s First Halloween

Want funny baby costumes this time for the Halloween? I’ve found some of the cutest and most adorable baby costumes which I’ve rounded up to give us some delightful ideas. Check out these funny baby costumes to inspire your own tot’s getup for trick or treating!

Cute And Funny Baby Costumes You’ll Go ROFL Over

I find it surprising that tiny costumes can double the price to that of an adult’s costume. Perhaps, it’s because parents will spare no cent to have their kids all dressed up and looking so adorable in Halloween Costumes. Luckily, sewists have their ways out of this predicament when we can easily run our DIY costumes through the sewing machine. This Halloween, I find these funny baby costumes perfect for my little cuties. Help yourself to these funny baby costumes, and watch out, I couldn’t help laughing myself at these funny yet endearing babies in their costumes.


1. Little Old Granny Baby Costume

Isn’t this baby costume just as hilarious as it is adorable? We don’t keep teeny weeny granny clothes around, but this should be easy peasy–skirt, and cardigan both. Raid your closet for classic materials you can sew to pull off the whole ensemble.

2. Humpty-Dumpty

Some serious quilting skills should be employed to make this Humpty-dumpty costume. You will need to make batting for the costume to sit upright. After all, what’s a lumpy Humpty-dumpty? Don’t lose heart though, because you’ll work on a tiny Humpty-dumpty so this should be really quick and easy.

3. Adorable Grape Costume

Although balloons practically dominate this baby costume, you need a clothing material to attach the balloons to. A tiny overalls or dress will do for this costume and the rest is up to your imagination. It wouldn’t be surprising if your tot wins the best costume of the neighborhood.

4. Up Costume For Babies

Young wilderness explorer Russel and elderly Carl from ‘Up’ are a comic duo, having your babies dressed as them would be equally comical. You can also opt to make Carl and Ellie’s costume for a baby boy and girl pair–they’re such a lovely and cute couple.

5. Old Man Toddler Costume

Tell me who wouldn’t roll on the floor laughing over this one. Get lots of likes and reactions on your page for a picture of your baby in this hilarious costume. This ensemble shouldn’t be hard to pull off. You can even put your knitting skills to the test with a little old man’s vest.

6. Carl From Up Costume

We can never get enough of little babies playing or dressing up as old guys. Here’s another equally hilarious take inspired by elderly Carl from ‘Up’. Careful not to tie too many balloons else your baby really goes up.

7. Baby Burrito Costume

https://www.instagram.com/p/BpnRRBzgr9h/ Celebrate and pass on your love for Mexican food by dressing your baby up like a burrito! This is one photo he’ll surely cringe at when he’s older (and all moms know that’s the goal!)

8. Chik-fil-A Cow Costume

Now, isn’t this adorably hilarious? Sure, sure, little baby cow. We’re up for some chickens now so we’ll spare you and rest of you little cuties. I think I’ll be raiding the storeroom for some flannel I can work on to make the overalls then hit the thrift shop for some cow bonnet or hat.

9. Taco Baby Costume

Tell me, this taco baby costume doesn’t make you laugh your heart out because I don’t know what will. I’d rather make this costume myself so I can decide what materials to make it with–something that is comfortable for my baby.

10. Little Hobo Costume

Well, this one shouldn’t be a problem. I’m thinking (as I am laughing) for the right old plaid shirt I can work on to make a little hobo shirt. The rest of the set shouldn’t be a problem for a sewist and creative mom like you.

11. Baby Chicks Costumes

Do I hear some awws for this cute baby chicks costume? There are different ways to achieve this look for your babies come Halloween. You don’t have to exclusively use feathers. There are some feather fabrics you can use to make this cute and funny baby costume.

12. Baby Shark Costume for Infants

Every breastfeeding mom will get why this is funny–those kids sure have a chomp that can rival any shark’s! Sewing the head may be a little tricky, but you can keep the rest of the costume simple by sewing a tail onto a gray onesie.

13. Popeye’s Spinach Baby Costume

What an adorable family costume! And as far as funny baby costumes go, this sure is creative and sweet. Now, if only your little one would actually eat spinach and not just wear it!

14. Popeye Baby Costume

Looking for baby Popeye costume can be a challenge, and the price even more overwhelming. Check out this baby Popeye costume, and if you’re a sewing enthusiast like me, you know this one will be very easy to work on. It’s up to your creative imagination to create the humongous Popeye arm muscles.

15. Will Work For Milk Costume

If you’re into crocheting, you can make this crocheted beard quite easily–it’s all in the beard, you know. Everything else is easy to assemble from old babies clothes to pull off a true to life hobo custom for your baby.


Check out this video on how to make DIY pumpkin costumes for your little bunch:

Practically everyone will be busy with their Halloween costumes as the big day draws to a close. I’m sure you’ve got an idea now for your costume as a couple. Your kids must be loving the ideas for their Halloween costume you are planning to DIY. Don’t forget to dress up your babies and let them in on the fun too. Make these funny baby costumes you can easily sew and spare your wallet the expense to make these adorable and funny baby costumes!

Which one is your favorite from our list of homemade Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments below!

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