8 DIY Cozy Floor Pillows

Floor pillows can be made of the prettiest fabric and soft stuffing that makes everything extra cozy. Make your own floor pillows with these wonderful and easy DIY sewing ideas!

8 Fluffy Floor Pillows You Can Make and Cuddle With

Would you believe you can make floor pillows in your sewing room? Well, you can! We’ve rounded up some floor pillows that you can easily make in the comfort of your own sewing area. Take your home interior aesthetic to the next level with these eight fluffy and cuddly ideas you’ll surely love!

1. Colorful Jumbo Floor Pillows

Remember childhood and how you would build fortresses with pillows and blankets? Well, you might relive that precious childhood memory after you make these colorful jumbo floor pillows! Bring out your printed fabrics and follow this step-by-step guide from Brit.co.

2. Inexpensive Floor Cushion

One of the great things about making your own floor pillows is that you can tweak the design to make them more minimalist or more detailed. This sewing idea from Apartment Therapy suggests a floor pillow that looks like a giant pin cushion! Sounds like a perfect home accessory for a sewer, right?

3. Round Floor Cushions With Handle

Easily take this floor pillow anywhere in your house conveniently! Recreate this sewing idea with this tutorial from Living With Punks which will give you a step-by-step guide to make this fluffy cloud.

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4. Pom Pom Floor Pillows

Make your floor pillows extra festive by adding fun embellishments, like pom poms. This genius idea from A Beautiful Mess is a really attractive sewing project that you will definitely reap the benefits of making.

5. Rainbow Hexie Floor Pillow

This colorful floor pillow looks like an exciting challenge! The geometric pattern of rainbow colors will definitely give your room extra brightness. And bonus, this idea from Sew Fantastic does not use stuffing, but regular pillows! If you have a surplus of pillows, this project is the perfect place to use them.

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6. Box Floor Pillows

If you’re thinking about where to store your floor pillows, this sewing idea might be perfect for you. These box floor pillows can be stacked on top of each other, which is very convenient for clean-ups! Learn more by reading this tutorial from School of Decorating.

7. Quilted Floor Pillows

If you know how to quilt, or even the basics of it, you might want to try this sewing project. Doble Ufa’s quilted pillows definitely look like they’re worth picking up this sewing technique.

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8. Hawaiian Style Felt Pillows

Say aloha to these cute and cuddly floor pillows! The tropical design will bring an instant boost of brightness anywhere you place this pillow. Plus, when you cuddle into it, the texture of the wool felt will make the experience even better. Try making one by following this tutorial from Purl SoHo.

For a more detailed tutorial, watch this video from TheSorryGirls:

Who would have thought floor pillows were so easy and fun to make? This list of floor pillow ideas is really inspiring! With a bit of a stuffing and some fabric, you can make a cozy floor pillow that will last forever. Add a cup of hot chocolate and a crocheting project, and this setup will instantly lift your spirits!

Have you ever tried sewing floor pillows from scratch? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Caron Jaquis-Powers says:

    I would love to see some of these floor pillows for my downstairs room. I just got out of the hospital and don’t have a lot of strength left but when I do I want to try these. I have lots of old 70’s material that would be great for my granddaughters

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