33 Easy Knitting Projects You Can Make This Winter

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Easy knitting projects are the answer to your desire to start something new this winter! Not only will these easy knitting projects keep you warm, they will give you bonus bear hugs too when gifted. Read on to start knitting for gifts, or even for yourself!

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33 Easy Knitting Projects To Keep You Warm And Busy

1. Warm Blanket

arm knit blanket | creative knitting projects
Photo by Simply Maggie

Nothing says comfy-cozy more than a warm knitted blanket. You can arm knit this in as quick as 45 minutes! I think I’m making this today after I finish my scarf. 🙂

2. Bobble Sheep Pillow

bobble sheep pillow | creative knitting projects
Photo by Purl Soho

Black and white pretty much complement any shade you pair them with. Be more comfortably snug in between these cleverly designed sheep pillows this winter. Knitting it with sheep’s wool makes your sheep-like pillows feel like the real thing!

3. Heart Warmers

heart warmers | creative knitting projects
Photo by Girly Knits

The heart knitting patterns of this pair of fingerless mittens and leg warmers are quite easy to accomplish. Easy knitting projects like these are perfect for your cute daughters who are into hearts and fuzzies. Winter is the time to get lovey-dovey like it’s Valentine’s day. 😉

4. DIY Knit Pumpkins

diy knit pumpkins | creative knitting projects
Photo by Dan330

Keep your palms warm by squeezing these knitted squash cuties together. Or simply by make them into autumn decorations. Since winter comes right after fall, let these mini squash bring color and warmth into your home.

5. Mary Jane Slippers

mary jane slippers | creative knitting projects
Photo by Purl Soho

This knitted pair of Mary Jane slippers looks so comfortable. Protect your feet from the freezing floor during winter. And try banning noisy shoes from clanking around the house.

So how about knitting a pair for everyone in the family? I made these last year so believe me when I say it will bring you the gift of peace and quiet. Best gift ever!

6. Butterfly Eyelet Hat

butterfly eyelet hat | creative knitting projects
Photo by Balls To The Walls Knits

The wonderful world of winter lets you wear fancy knitted hats, too. You will surely impress the cute guy next door with your handmade butterfly eyelet hat. So why not start on these easy knitting projects today?

7.  Knitted Dress

audrey crochet dress belt | creative knitting projects
Photo by For The Frills

Looking sexy and sophisticated doesn’t mean you need to show some skin. This is exactly what this knitted dress proves. The color is also timeless and neutral enough to be paired with hats, leggings, shoes, or a purse of any color.

Walk around looking all pretty and girly this winter without sacrificing comfort.

8. Leg Warmers

bolt leg warmers | creative knitting projects
Photo by Berroco

Looking for easy knitting projects to chase away the cold? Adorn your beautiful legs with these bolt leg warmers once winter comes. You can even make matching pairs for you and your favorite person.

9. Cozy Slipper Boots

little red riding slippers | creative knitting projects
Photo by Drops Design

I simply cannot get enough of comfy footwear for winter. Don these cozy slipper boots outside. You can also look extra alluring by pairing them with your DIY tulle skirt.

What a sight for sore eyes you’ll be!

10. Eisen Cardigan

eisen cardigan | creative knitting projects
Photo by Knitty

Do you have bright-colored summer dresses you want to wear this winter? Cover your bare shoulders with this awesome Eisen cardigan. See, it’s that simple to transition your summery clothes to winter.

Easy knitting projects like this make me love dressing up all the more!

11. Sideways Garter Vest

sideways garter vest | creative knitting projects
Photo by Purl Soho

Set the trend for winter by knitting this sideways garter vest. You will surely gain some followers or probably even some business if you post this as your OOTD!

12. Bernat Tsu Shi

bernat tsu shi | creative knitting projects
Photo by Yarnspirations

An oversized Bernat tsu shi is the perfect way to look chic and slim. Wear it to a cool party over a pair of black leggings with matching crochet earrings. A surefire way to be the envy of your girlfriends.

13. Grammy’s Hats and Mittens

grammys hats and mittens | creative knitting projects
Photo by Tanis Fiber Arts

Stay sunny this winter with these beauties. The ombre combination of colors is just amazing. You can choose more than one color and mix and match them to pair with all your outfits.

14. Bubblegum Cowl

bubblegum cowl | creative knitting projects
Photo by Fiber Flux

This bubblegum cowl is so pinkylicious! Winter is a nice excuse to add another accessory to your get-up and play up your personal style. Plus, knitting this is incredibly easy.

Can’t wait to try these easy knitting projects soon!

15. Rambling Scarf

rambling on form | creative knitting projects
Photo by Blue Sky Fibers

This is the kind of rambling my husband’s going to love this chilly season. I’m actually thinking of knitting one for myself too! I can’t wait to see how good we look on our Christmas photos!

16. Cup Wrap-Around Cozy

diy cup cozy | creative knitting projects
Photo by Setting For Four

Keep your coffee and cocoa drinks hot and fresh despite the cold weather by knitting this cup wrap-around. If you have a bigger personal cup, then this buttoned wrap-around cozy is perfect for you to knit. I am using a crochet cup cozy for my cylindrical cup.

17. Very Easy Poncho

knit colorblock poncho | creative knitting projects
Photo by One Dog Woof

poncho is perfect to cover yourself up. Knit this very easy poncho today! And before you know it, you’ll be striding down the street looking all dolled-up and warm.

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18. Cozy Ribbed Scarf

cozy ribbed scarf | creative knitting projects
Photo by Lady By The Bay

More easy knitting projects to help you flaunt your style! The ribbed design pattern of this cozy scarf is easy to accomplish. Knit it and wear it to a party perhaps? (That should totally be a thing!)

19. Sleeve Scarf Sweater Wrap

sleeve scarf sweater wrap | creative knitting projects
Photo by Inspiration & Realisation

Sleeve Scarf Sweat wrap has so many possibilities as far as layering is concerned. It’s so versatile, you can wear it with your long dress and a pair of tights. Or go casual and simply wear jeans and a tee.

What a special knitted piece that is surely for keeps!

20. Light Yet Warm Beatnik

beatnik pullover | creative knitting projects
Photo by Knitty

This is a sweater fad that first became popular in the 1960’s. But still looks fashionable today. Bring out your special yarn to achieve a light finished product.

21. Danforth Pullover

danforth | creative knitting projects
Photo by Quince & Co.

Knit this cool project from the bottom going up the round. It’s a bit tricky since you need to work on the front and the back separately, but don’t worry. Once you start on it, you’ll easy get the hang of it.

The way I see it, this is the best way to stay warm without overdoing it.

22. Turtleneck Cape

turtleneck knit poncho | creative knitting projects
Photo by All Free Knitting

This looks like a poncho and a turtleneck rolled into one. Keep your neck warm and your arms free by knitting a nice turtleneck cape. I suggest using Uptown Bulky yarn to make this turtleneck cape.

23. Knitted Floor Mat

knitted floor mat | creative knitting projects
Photo by Craft Passion

One of the things I don’t love about winter is the cold floor that comes with it. So I had to do something. A knitted floor mat hits the sweet spot of keeping my feet happy.

Did I mention it can function as an ornament too? So go ahead and knit this for your bedroom or living room today.

24. Garter and Lace Cowl

garter lace cowl | creative knitting projects
Photo by Yarnspirations

Who else is looking for romantic but easy knitting projects? I am itching to knit this nice red cowl, TBH. There’s nothing wrong with adding a little drama to your outfits this cold season.

25. Wisteria Poncho

wisteria | creative knitting projects
Photo by Berroco

We have another stylized poncho in our midst. And it’s called a Wisteria Poncho. We’re sure you’ll enjoy crafting its lovely cables and bobbles.

26. Arm-Knit Mermaid Blanket

mermaid blanket pattern | creative knitting projects
Photo by Simply Maggie

My daughter and I are absolute suckers for anything mermaid. 🙂 I mean it’s pretty, it’s fun, and it’s easy to knit! Definitely one of those easy knitting projects even little ladies will love.

Make one for you and your daughter. Or make twinsies with your best friend to snuggle in at sleepovers.

27. Folk Coat Show

folk coat show | creative knitting projects
Photo by Posie Gets Cozy

This one’s for the kids. Although my daughter is already too old for this, I just find this such a cutie patootie that I had to include this item. This folk coat show knitting project will be the best present a little girl can receive.

28. Knitted Drops Bunting Bag

knitted drops bunting bag | creative knitting projects
Photo by Drops Design

Let me add this knitted drops bunting bag into the line of inspiration for best gifts. Give it to an expecting friend since baby showers are common during this time of the year.

See? There are a number of easy knitting projects that can serve as gifts too!

29. Lazy Days Lounger Arm Knit Pillow

lounge pillow | creative knitting projects
Photo by Flax & Twine

Cold weather usually turns most of us into lazy daisies. If you already have a body pillow, how about knitting a cover made with soft and smooth yarn? A lazy days lounger arm knit pillow is the perfect place to enjoy a good book (and then dozing off eventually!)

30. Perfect Pouf

pouf knitting pattern | creative knitting projects
Photo by Craft Passion

This perfect pouf lets you put your feet up and provides extra seating, too. I love the pattern on this knitting project. I bet it feels great to touch too.

This perfect pouf is simply a knitting must-do.

31. Knitted Pillow

chunky knit pillow pattern | creative knitting projects
Photo by Smitha Katti

The classic knitted pillow is something I can’t delete from my list of easy knitting projects. Isn’t it just relaxing to have a pillow in every room to hug or lean on? It’s like a quick-stop comfort zone.

32. Hot Water Bottle Covers

knitted hot water bottle cover | creative knitting projects
Photo by Coco Rose Diaries

Raise the temperature this season, and calm those nerves with a trusty hot water bottle. Dress it up with a knitted hot water bottle cover. Now, you’re all set for anything cold the season will bring.

33. Rose Briar Bag

rose briar bag | creative knitting projects
Photo by Balls To The Walls Knits

Heading out? This Rose Briar Bag is the perfect tote for storing all your essentials. Aside from being cute and oh-so-soft, it also goes along perfectly with any casual outfit!

To make a couple of boot cuffs, here is a video by Rainbow Warrior. Learn and enjoy!

The long-anticipated winter is almost at our doorsteps. You can feel it in the morning, it’s already getting more crisp than usual. So we better hurry and get our hands busy with these easy knitting projects.

The crisp weather will give you a rush. The creativity will just flow. So go ahead and try these now!

What knitting projects are you trying first? Let me know in the comments section below.


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