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Enjoy the sun and the sea with a big and beautiful beach blanket to lounge comfortably! Create your own beach blanket perfect for the summer by following these 5 easy steps!

How To Sew the Perfect Beach Blanket This Summer

Lounging by the beach is the perfect way to relax this summer. With a big and beautiful beach blanket, everyone in your family can definitely relax and enjoy the beach better. However, a big beach blanket can come as a little pricey and often comes in a tacky design that can ruin the view. The best solution to this problem is to make your own beach blankets! Find out how by reading our step-by-step guide.

Materials You’ll Need to Make a Beach Blanket:


Step 1. Prepare Your Towels

For this tutorial, we used two towels with striped and floral prints. You have the option to use something similar or opt for other kinds of prints. To prepare for our sewing project, fold your towels into two and iron the crease. This is to create a guideline you can follow when you start cutting the towels.

Step 2. Cut Your Towels in Half

Lay the towels over your sewing table. With your fabric scissors, follow the crease in the towels and cut them by half. At this point, you’ll have four pieces of your entire beach blanket. We’ll call these pieces quarters.

Step 3. Match Your Towels

Once you’ve cut your towels in quarters, match the quarters together. For this tutorial, we are matching a striped print to a floral print.

Step 4. Sew the Quarters Together

After you’ve decided how to assemble your towels, sew the matching quarters together. Use back stitch to secure your ends and a regular running stitch to sew your towels together. At this point, you’ll have the halves of your blanket done.

Step 5. Assemble the Halves Together

After attaching the matching quarters together, assemble your sewing project together. You can use pins to hold the pieces in place while you sew them. Sew the matching halves to create your finished beach blanket.


Learn how to create this beach blanket in detail by watching this video by Craft Forest:

With your own choice of materials, you can easily create your own beach blanket! This blanket is spacious enough to accommodate your young ones and your family. So pick up your sewing materials and make this perfect summer beach blanket for your family!


Do you know of other ways to make a beach blanket? Let us know in the comments below!

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