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Learning how to sew lining into a dress is an important skill in sewing. It is the magical thing that gives shape and form to your dress. Follow these quick and easy steps to learn how to sew lining into a dress.

How To Sew Lining Into Your Dress: Quick and Easy Guide

Every sewer knows the importance of learning how to sew linings into a dress. They may be made from silk, cotton, or chiffon. In dresses, lining provides shape, support, and form to your dress. Without it, your dress will drape to your body ill-fittingly. Avoid this mishap and learn how to sew lining into a dress in 5 easy steps.


Materials to Use on Sewing Lining Into Your Dress:

  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Lining Fabric of Your Choice
  • Pre-Cut Dress Fabric (Learn more about how to sew a line dress on our next tutorial!)


Step 1: Put the sleeve hems together

Place your lining and dress fabric side by side, align them by your dress’ sleeve. With the right sides together, stitch to the hem of the sleeves.

Tip: Make sure your lining is at least 2 inches shorter than the fabric dress. Your fabric dress should be able to fold inside the hem of the sleeve and attach to the lining.

Step 2:  Put the dress the right way around


After sewing your lining to the sleeves, flip your dress the right way. By putting the dress the right way around, you can see and understand more clearly what goes where.

Step 3: Line up the armpit and the side seams


Close your dress by sewing the sides from the armpit to the side seams. Start from where the lining joins the dress.

Step 4: Sew the first side of the lining

Flip your dress around. Then, start sewing the first side where the lining joins the dress. Follow the same steps on the other side seams of the lining.

Tip: Make sure you have lined up your notches correctly as you sew. This is helpful so you will be able to sew 2 seams correctly, too.

Step 5: Finish the dress

This time, sew the lining together with your dress fabric.


Additional Tips

  • Remember the length of hem you’re leaving to your sleeve so it sits properly.
  • Put a tack from the shoulder to the armpit.
  • Press the seams well.
  • Snip into the seams near the armpit to remove excess fabric.


Want to see how it’s done? Then watch this video from STITCHLESS TV on how to sew a lining into a dress:

You’ve now attached a lining to your dress. After stitching the lining and dress fabric together, you might want to press down your dress.
In 5 quick and easy steps, you’ve now attached a lining to your dress. It wasn’t so complicated after all! Try practicing some more and in no time, you’ll be lining tops, dresses, and maybe even bags and purses one day!


Have you ever tried lining a dress? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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