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Sewing dresses can be quite challenging. Let me help you overcome this challenge with these 9 dress sewing tips for beginners!

9 Dress Sewing Tips for Beginners For an Easier Life!

Dresses are one of the clothing pieces that provide sewers a lot of creative freedom. There’s just so many different types of fabric and patterns you could choose from! From knit fabric to lace and, from sleeveless patterns to midi-patterns – the choices are endless! Sewing dresses can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. But don’t be intimidated – here are some dress sewing tips for beginners to guide you through it!


1. Choose the right fabric

The fabric you choose can make or break your sewing project! It is important to consider the type of dress you’re going for, the occasion and the weather you’re expecting. Some types of fabric look better during evening events, while some look better during daytime!

2. Get your measurements right

Getting your own measurements can be tricky, so much so that I suggest having a friend assist you. (Think of it as a bonding experience!) This is also a step that needs to be accurate or else you’ll end up having an ill-fitting dress!



3. Choose your dress pattern

A common mistake beginner sewers often commit is not choosing and committing to a dress pattern in advance. There are countless dress patterns out there! But be careful, you may get stuck choosing the right one because you’ll have so much fun!


4. Make a muslin

I know just how excited we sewers can get when we get our new and fresh fashion fabric, itching to just cut into it! However, it’s better to make a muslin first. A muslin is like a test garment – perfect for practice and adjustments before the actual sewing!


5.  Know the direction of the grain

Even seasoned sewers still make mistake when it comes to knowing the grain of the fabric. The grain of the fabric is important, especially in sewing garments. Cut cross grain and you’ll risk having the garment unravel!


6. Iron your fabric before starting to sew

Make your life easier by ironing your fabric before cutting and sewing! Not only does it make the fabric look better, it also flattens it, making it less likely to have creases that may cause mistakes.


7. Take time to try on your dress

Taking time to try on your dress doesn’t only provide you a sense of pride, it also allows you to see if any adjustments should be made! After all, it’s different seeing it on a mannequin and seeing it on yourself, right?


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8. Use bias binding to finish armholes and necklines

If you’re still not used to sewing with interfacing, a bias binding is a suitable alternate. Not only is it easier to do, but it also gives the dress a very polished and finished look!

9. Press your seams before sewing

Make your dress seams look neater by pressing or ironing the seams before sewing. Following the same logic as sewing the fabric before cutting and sewing, this will make it less likely to make measurement or stitching mistakes!


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With these tips and tricks on how to sew dresses, I’m sure you’ll want to start making your own! Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sewing your own – and your friend’s- dresses soon enough!


Do you have any dress sewing tips for beginners you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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