Sewing Tips 101: What Sewing Machine Needle to Use for Fleece

If you’re planning to make a cozy fleece blanket this winter, you must first know the right sewing machine needle to use. The last thing you’d want is to destroy your fleece fabric right in the middle of your sewing project.

Sewing Machine Needle: Which One is for Fleece?

Fleece is the perfect fabric for winter sewing projects. It’s soft, warm and cozy, and it’s so easy to work with. If you want to achieve a neat stitch on your sewing projects with fleece, it is important to choose the right kind of needle. I must admit, when I first started sewing, choosing the right sewing machine needle for a particular fabric was not a priority, and I learned the hard way. So to help you out, here are three needles that work best with fleece.


1. Stretch Sewing Needles

The stretch sewing machine needle is more rounded tip than a jersey needle. The shank creates a neat stitch pattern on elastic, which makes it a good needle for stretchy fabrics. For fleece and faux fur, use a 90/14 or an 80/12 needle.


2. Ball Point or Jersey Sewing Needles

The tip of a ballpoint needle is slightly rounded compared to a universal needle. It allows sliding between the fibers rather than piercing them. This helps reduce runs in the fabric. If you want to avoid skipped stitches, a ballpoint needle is best, especially if you’re using micro-fleece. You can also use the 90/14 or 80/12 needle.


3. Universal Needles

Now if you already have a set of universal needles at home, then you can also use this one to sew most types of fleece fabric. Universal needles are slightly rounded and they’re great for knitting, cotton, and fleece. The choice of which size will actually depend on how heavy the fabric is. But usually, you can just go for the standard 80/12 or 80/11.


Fun Fact: Do you know what the needle numbers mean? Let’s take for example an 80/12 needle — the 80 is European sizing, while the 12 is American sizing. Also, the numbers indicate the best kind of fabric to use it with. The 70/10 needles are great for fine fabrics, which means if you use it on a denim fabric, you can expect it to wear out faster.


Sewing with fleece is fun and easy. If you want to sew a project using fleece, watch this video from Melly Sews on how to sew a fleece poncho with a cowl neck:

Choosing and using the right kind of sewing needle for fleece is important. We all know fabrics have different weights and thickness, so you need to classify your sewing machine needles the same way, too. Sewing fleece blankets or even fleece coats and scarves this coming winter will surely be fun, so make sure you got the needles you need to ensure your project goes smooth sailing!

Which of these three sewing machine needles do you often use for fleece? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

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Editor’s Note – This article was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

3 thoughts on “Sewing Tips 101: What Sewing Machine Needle to Use for Fleece

  1. Susan Templeton says:

    Made hubby’s shirts from my Bernina 1230 at 15 hours a pop. Well worth the hours. So many pieces, though.

    While using a size 8 needle, please, keep in mind that I was sewing with a very fine cotton, usually, sea island cotton.

    By, the way…the shirts came out beautiful!

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