21 Cozy Christmas Decors You Can Sew | Holiday Sewing Ideas

Looking for unique Christmas decors you can easily sew? If you’re not into natural Christmas decor or synthetic plastic or glittery decor either, this list of plush and cute Christmas decor you can sew is for you!

Sewing Christmas Decors For Neat And Cozy Ornaments

One of my favorite activities during Christmas season is doing crafts with my grandma. She always had the best ideas for cute Christmas decor we can make ourselves. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with crafting things and sewing by hand or with a machine. Now, I can make my own Christmas decorations instead of purchasing insanely overpriced store-bought ornaments. So, if you’re looking for Christmas decor sewing project to make, just scroll down and check this list!


1. Christmas Wreaths Quilt

This Christmas wreaths quilt is a great and fun way to use your fabric scraps. It’ll give your home a cozy and festive holiday charm. The red bow ties on this quilt are so adorable I definitely need to make this for my home this year.

2. Trimmed Trees Christmas Decor

Add a festive forest touch to your holiday decor with these trimmed trees Christmas decor. This project will show you how to use your scrap fabrics to decorate these plush evergreens! This also makes a great DIY decoration for your tabletop or mantel.

3. Hexagonal Christmas Decor

This hexagonal Christmas decor will look great hanging from your door this holiday season. Made out of cuts of coordinating fabrics and embellished with tiny colorful beads, it really is charming. It’s so quick and easy to make, you can sew it by hand.

4. Fabric Basket Little Trees

https://www.instagram.com/p/BVDrjarD5Eo/ If you’re a bit intimidated by patterns and measurements, this tutorial is so simple you can make any size you like. This fabric basket little tree Christmas decor should be a fun project to make this holiday. It’s functional but cute enough to decorate your home with!

5. Fir Green Christmas Doll

Make your room feel warm and cute with this Fir green Christmas doll. It’s a lovely decoration you can put anywhere in your home, as a Christmas tree ornament or decorate your desk or bookshelf. You can also make it as a Christmas gift for kids and loved ones.

6. Christmas Braided Wreath

Christmas Braided Wreath | Cozy Christmas Decors You Can Sew | Holiday Sewing Ideas

A wreath is one of my favorite Christmas decors, so I don’t want to let the holiday pass without this Christmas braided wreath. It’s an amazingly fun and easy project to make. You can also customize this by using any printed fabric you like.

7. Mini Christmas Stockings Garland

Mini Christmas Stockings Garland | Cozy Christmas Decors You Can Sew | Holiday Sewing Ideas

This mini Christmas stockings garland is the cutest project you can make with your kids this holiday. The tutorial shows five pretty mini stockings, but you can add more for a longer garland. I’m sure this will make your kids happy and excited for the Christmas season.

8. Little Christmas Caroler

Christmas caroling is one of the best ways to enjoy the warmth and happiness of the holiday. Add those happy feelings to your Christmas decor with these little Christmas carolers. I’m sure your holiday guests will love your caroler dolls.

9. Patchwork Christmas Tree

This patchwork Christmas tree is too adorable to pass up. It’s so simple, you can make them by the dozens. If you don’t know what to do with your fabric scraps, this will be the perfect project to make use of them. These Christmas tree softies are trendy, colorful, and unique!

10. Snowflake Throw Pillow

Snowflake Throw Pillow | Cozy Christmas Decors You Can Sew | Holiday Sewing Ideas

If you’re planning a white Christmas holiday theme to decorate your home, you can add this snowflake throw pillow to spruce up your living room. The pattern is simple and the tutorial is so easy to follow.

11. Holiday Fleece Pillows

Want to add more to your DIY Christmas decor, but don’t have enough time to spare? These holiday fleece pillows are so quick and easy you can make it in no time. I’m sure your kids will love to snuggle and play with these Christmas pillows.

12. Christmas Tree Felt

This Christmas tree felt will be perfect for decorating your kid’s room. It looks warm and adds a playful yet peaceful touch to your holiday decor. I’m sure your kids will love it for their Christmas holiday room makeover.

13. Ruffle Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating our home for Christmas is the best way to get in the holiday spirit, especially if you made it yourself. If you’re looking for DIY Christmas decors, try these simple and adorable ruffle Christmas tree decorations. The details look so elegant, it’ll give your DIY Christmas decor a chic flair. You can also make trees with different sizes and colors.

14. Cuffed Christmas Stocking

Aside from trees, Christmas stockings are one of the most iconic and festive holiday decoration. This cuffed Christmas stocking is so easy you can make as many as you like. You can use this stocking to hang on the mantel and fill with treats on Christmas morning or use as part of your decorative display.

15. Whimsical Christmas Wall Decor

Looking for DIY Christmas decor to hang on your wall? This whimsical Christmas wall decor will fit right in. The stitching pattern is simple yet elegant to look at.

16. Mini Christmas Bunting Tutorial

Add a festive touch and yuletide cheer to your Christmas home decor with this mini Christmas bunting. The tutorial is simple and is the perfect sewing project for the season. This DIY Christmas decor should make any Christmas party festive.

17. Fabric Envelope Advent Calendar

Christmas is more fun and festive with advent calendars in our house. Every year we would think of presents and treats for our children. With this cute fabric envelope advent calendar, your kids will be more excited for Christmas.

18. Rudolph Faux Taxidermy Pattern

If you love the idea of a Rudolph faux taxidermy head, you don’t need to go out and buy one. This Rudolph faux taxidermy pattern will be the perfect DIY project you can make for Christmas. Isn’t it cute and adorable?

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19. Whimsical Christmas Stocking Pattern

Whimsical Christmas Stocking Pattern | Cozy Christmas Decors You Can Sew | Holiday Sewing Ideas

Add some decorative flair to your fireplace with these whimsical Christmas stocking patterns. The pattern for this project has quirky polka dot details and animal print edging. With this simple sewing project, you can create a stocking for everyone in your family.

20. Snuggley Christmas Character Rice Bags

Feel the warmth of the holiday season with this cute snuggly Christmas character rice bags! Pop them in your microwave and let it warm you up on cold mornings. The size is perfect for kids to cuddle and I’m sure these will be the best-loved Christmas decor in your home.

21. Christmas Tree Garland

Bring the holiday cheer and the festive spirit into your home with this Christmas tree garland. The trees on this garland make great fabric scrap busters. This tutorial is very simple and you can also make this with your kids.


Watch this video to learn how to make a drawstring Christmas sack as gift wraps:

Christmas decors need not be expensive, glittery and sparkly nor all natural, bushy and leafy. For you who like it cozy and easy, and prefers Christmas decor clean and trimmed, these decor ideas are for you. So take out your sewing kit and machine and sew your Christmas decors away!

Which Christmas decors from the list do you think will look good in your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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