17 Nifty Fabric Baskets To Organize And Prettify Your Home

Fabric baskets are all the rage these days! Check out my list of must-have functional decorative fabric baskets that keep the clutter at bay, and make one today.

Incredible Fabric Baskets You Can Sew It Yourself

Have you ever seen fabric baskets in department stores, looked at the price, and gasped, thinking, “I could do this myself!” Well, now’s the time to walk the talk! I’ve this roundup of different decorative fabric baskets just for you. You could kiss the clutter goodbye and say hello to pretty baskets to organize your equally pretty trinkets!


1. Denim Fabric Basket

With my children growing up so fast, it’s almost been a monthly duty to buy them new clothes, including pants! But instead of tossing those outgrown pants, why not turn them into these adorable little baskets?

2. Quilted Scrap Fabric Basket

We know all about those tiny little leftover scraps of fabric after every project, and like you, I’m guilty of keeping them for future use too. That future is now, with this colorful quilted scrap fabric basket – time to use up those leftover fabric scraps!

3. Fabric Basket with Cutout Handles

Cut-out handles in your fabric basket are so convenient; not only are they less likely to break, you could also grip them a lot better! And for a mom like me (who sometimes wishes she has more than two hands!) this gets a major A+!

4. Reversible Fabric Basket

How many times have we stained a shirt and just wished we could just wear it inside out just to avoid cleaning it for a while? Well, with this reversible fabric basket, your wish will be granted – make sure to wash it every once in a while though!

5. Flared Fabric Basket

Add a bit of fla(i)re in your organization with this flared fabric basket. You could use it to store smaller items like jewelry, thus having your very own fabric jewelry box! Bonus points for looking like a very posh box of Chinese food.

6. Burlap Fabric Basket

Here’s one for the kitchen! This burlap fabric basket will surely keep your dry vegetables together while looking good in your kitchen. Makes you want to start cooking holiday dinner early, right?

7. Drawstring Top Fabric Basket

Sometimes we need to have things in immediate reach, but still inaccessible to curious little hands. This drawstring top fabric basket surely comes in handy in those types of situations; it seals off the items, but keeps it on hand at the same time!


8. Braided Fabric Basket

Although more time-consuming compared to the other baskets in this list, this braided fabric basket will surely catch the attention of any visitor coming to your home! It also makes for an intricate and thoughtful gift for a loved one.

9. Fabric Basket with Chalkboard Label

Out of the 17 fabric baskets in this list, this is the one I’ve already made. Teaching my children how to clean up after themselves after playtime, I’ve taught them to put their toys back in the basket with their name on it. It keeps toys and personal items from getting mixed up!

10. Piped Fabric Basket

Borders and piping always put a certain formal touch to any project, but that doesn’t mean it stops being adorable! Just look at how this basket pulls it off!

11. Car Fabric Basket

With holidays come trips to the big stores for holiday shopping. This basket will surely keep your car organized and clutter-free during those to and fro drives!

12. Collapsible Fabric Basket

When not in use, these collapsible fabric baskets take very little room! But when called into service, they will surely be able to store a ton of items, like surprise gifts for the holiday season!

13. Gathered Round Fabric Basket

One of the tinier baskets on our list, this gathered round fabric basket definitely does not let its size get in the way of its functionality and style! It could be used as a small bowl to hold treats for the children (and children at heart)!

14. Nested Fabric Basket

Like a Matryoshka doll, these baskets fit within each other, thus, again, saving space. If you have a lot of different-sized items or trinkets, these baskets could also be used as a divider for each other!

15. Patchwork Fabric Basket

If you want to go for the rustic, homey route, this patchwork fabric basket is for you! This is also another chance to make use of the tiny scraps of leftover fabric from your previous projects.


16. Cube Fabric Basket

Classic and with a touch of formality, these tiny baskets could serve as napkin and towel holders for any holiday dinner or get-together you plan to host! It’s sure to receive a lot of compliments.

17. Fabric Basket with Divider

Lastly, here is a fabric basket with a divider for your convenience and peace of mind. This basket contains dividers which separate one dedicated space from another, thus creating a more organized system.


Want to see fabric basket-making in action? Watch this video below!

Now there are lots of choices for your next basket sewing project! There are big ones, small ones, regular and irregular sized ones, but all of them function as the same thing – to keep you organized for this holiday season and to doll up your house and personalize your gifts!

Which one of these fabric baskets piqued your interest? Which one do you look forward to making the most? Tell me in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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