Fall Fashion Trends 2017 | 17 Latest Style Tips For Your Sewing Guide [Updated]

Want to get the latest in fall fashion trends this 2017? You can always look trendy and fashionable without breaking the bank. Check out these latest fall fashion trends so you know what to work on for your next sewing project!

2017 Fall Fashion Trends To Inspire Your Next Design

I always get a thrill when friends ask me where I bought my outfit, and they’re surprised when I tell them I just made it myself! Looking fab and fashionable usually means going for broke for a lot of people, but not for me. I only need to know what’s in and what’s out so I know what to work on. This autumn, I’m rocking the season again with these 2017 fall fashion trends. You, too, can achieve the latest look in fashion with just a few bucks and some effort. Follow this year’s fall fashion trends for your inspiration.

1. Modern Victorian Inspired Fall Look

This autumn, Tadashi Shoji went for a modern Victorian look with sheer and floral materials. I’m definitely in for this look and I’ll be using some floral fabric, frills, and ribbons. This should be my OOTD while on an afternoon walk in the park with the fall leaves beneath my feet–so IG-worthy!

2. Streamlined Fall Look

For this year, Céline went for sleek and straight lines for their fall collection. Pair your long-sleeved chambray blouse with a pleated skirt or a high-waisted maxi skirt to get this look. This fashion trend would be great for a busy workday.

3. Off Shoulders Are Still In

Cold shoulders aren’t about to go out yet even this fall season. Incorporate other trends like frills, denim, or plaid patterns to your cold shoulder top or dress. Master gathering fabric to make your own off-shoulder tops or dress and copy this look.

4. Red Hot In Autumn

Most designers are seeing red in their Fall 2017 collections. With the cool weather and the warm fall colors, red is definitely perfect. Rummage through your closet for a red blouse, jacket, or skirt and pair it with other trendy accessories.

5. Velvet Dress

Truly, Elie Saab could have watched one too many episodes of Game of Thrones in time for his 2017 fall collection. I love how the dresses look sexy without exposing too much skin. You should look just as lovely and regal with some classy appliques or an embroidered dress!

6. Flared Maxi Skirt

Flared skirts are some of the easiest clothing articles to make. Fortunately, they’re totally in this season and they sure are perfect for any occasion. You can pair them with any top, but make sure to follow up the trendiest tips on how to wear it.

7. Fall Bohemian Look

If you think the Bohemian look is associated with spring flowers and summer sunshine, it can be about fall leaves too. Warm earth tones dominate this collection with a layered structure and frilly embellishment. I’m loving these Bohemian trousers, which are perfect for cool days.

8. Oversized Sweaters

Sweaters aren’t only for keeping you warm this cool fall season. Apparently, it’s one fashion article you must have now. From low, scoop, turtle, and V-neck to knitted, cotton, fuzzy, metallic, and chunky, they’re all the rage this season.

9. Pattern Plaids

If you think plaids are something only your grandmother would wear, well, they’re making a comeback. We’ve seen some amazing style this season using plaid. You can make an outfit all in plaid, or you can work plaid accents into a skirt or a top, and or even just the sleeves.

10. Belted Coats

Belts are no longer just to keep skirts or pants up or in place. They make such a great accessory–Christian Dior added belts to his Fall collection. Whether coats, skirts or tops, you can use a belt to accentuate your figure or make it a flattering accessory.

11. Deconstructed

This style pops up often, but it’s considered avant-garde and not so wearable. Well, this year, designers come up with interesting pieces in their Fall collections. You can get this look by mixing different colors in one outfit, sort of like a mosaic, to pull off this look.

12. Front Tie Tops

This is one fashion fall trend with practical application. You get to be fashionable and you can hide your full tummy from all the feasting at holiday parties! I’m eyeing some old pieces in my wardrobe to upgrade.

13. Embroidered

You need to amp up your embroidery skills this season because embroidered fashion pieces are in. Whether machine embroidery or hand embroidery, your fall look will impress with fancy embellishments.

14. Stripes

Whether Breton, barcode, candy, shadow, or pinstripes, they’re still in this fall 2017. Stripes can accentuate the figure. Pinstripes are said to help you look taller, while horizontal stripes help make you look curvier.

15. Denim

Some clothing articles just never seem to go out of fashion. This fall, high waisted denim pants are still in and flared denim pants may have a comeback. Remember to keep your denim pieces because you never know when they will come in handy.

16. Fringes

Yes, fringes are so 20s but they’re definitely making a comeback this 2010s. If you’re going to a dance this trend should be perfect to rock the dance floor.

17. Feathers

Whatever you say about feathers being unwearable, they’re beautiful. Well, you don’t necessarily have to wear feathers all over the place. Hand embroidered feathers on your outfit are just as well.

Find out more about how you can achieve the autumn 2017 fashion look in this video:

There you have it, frugal fashionistas! The latest fall fashion trends of 2017. Remember, you don’t have to spend like a fashionista or a celebrity to look like one, or at least dress like one. With a little bit of your creativity and imagination, you can pull any of this fall fashion trend look without going broke!

Which of these 2017 fall fashion trends are you eyeing for your next project? Let us know in the comments below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in October 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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