Sew Your Own Black Homecoming Dress For An Elegant Look

Homecoming is definitely a big event that we all look forward to. It’s the best time to visit your campus, attend class reunion, or meet the alumni of your school. And whether you are still in school or a mom like me, wearing a long flowing black homecoming dress is the best choice. A black gown is classic and elegant. What’s more, this DIY is easy to make as it comes with simple patterns. Read on and see for yourself.

Sew Your Own Black Homecoming Dress For An Elegant Look

DIY Black Homecoming Dress

It’s homecoming season again, and a black homecoming dress would be a perfect choice for those who want to look simple yet sophisticated. If you want to sew your own dress and avoid the expensive homecoming dresses, I found the perfect pattern for you. It shows a hint of skin without revealing too much. And the floating fabric is just wonderful! You can’t help but feel so beautiful!

Now, don’t think this dress is just for young ladies. Moms like me can wear it as well. It is not too revealing yet still sultry. It’s definitely a perfect piece for hot mommas!


What you will need:

  • 3 yards*, Chiffon fabric for the skirt
  • 1 yard*, Heavy non-stretch fabric for the top
  • 2 yards*, Light polyester fabric for the lining
  • Sewing material

*the unit of length of the fabric varies, depending on your body frame size

Ready? Get set…sew!


Step 1. Trace half of the top

Here’s a sewing hack for you. Skip taking your own body measurements an dust get a nice top that fits your body well, and then trace it out on paper.


Step 2. Create the pattern


Trace all the patterns i.e. front neckline, front and back bodice, front and back waistband, back strap, skirt lining and main skirt on a pattern paper. Make sure the measurement is correct before you cut the pattern.


Step 3. Cut the fabric

Use a good pair of scissors to cut out the pattern and the fabrics. It would be better if you pin the pattern to the fabric so you won’t get lost.


Step 4. Attach the sides


Attach the sides of the front and back bodice. Then secure four neck straps on the neck. Next, you will need to attach the two similar pieces on top of the fabrics. Leave a 5″ gap on the sides.


Step 5. Piece together the top

Attach the back strap to the ends of the neck strap. Then sew the back strap lining to the main fabric. Then criss-cross the back strap pattern. Insert he ends of the back strap to the 5″ hole.


Step 6. Assemble the skirt

6.a Back skirt

Attach center back skirt lining.


6.b Zipper placement


Leave 7″ open for zipper placement.

6.c Front and back skirt lining


Attach the sides of the front and back skirt lining.


6.d Main skirt fabric


Attach the center of the main skirt’s back fabric but leave 7″ for zipper placement. Then, connect both sides of the front and back of the main skirt.


6.e Attach sides of the front and back main skirt


Attach the front and back waistbands on the side. Next, put together the center back skirt lining leaving behind 7″ open for zipper placement. Then, sew the front and back skirt lining on the sides and connect to the center back of main skirt fabric. Remember to leave 7″ open again for the zipper. Finally, sew together the sides of the front and back main skirt.


Step 7. Creating pleats

Pleat the waist of the skirt using pins to the length of the waistband.


Step 8. Waistband


Sew the waistband to the pleated skirt.


Step 9. Bodice and Waistband


Then, sew together the bodice on top of the waistband.


Step 10. Back zipper

10. a Center Back

Fold the center back 1/2′ and pin in place.


10.b  Sew the zipper


Sew zipper close to the edge.

10.c Fold waistband facing 1/2′

Lastly, fold the waistband facing 1/2′. Stitch in the ditch and you are all done!


All Done!


Now you have a long black homecoming dress! Notice how it reveals the skin on your shoulder and back but at the same time it looks modest. The skirt is light, airy and flowy. I love how it grazes the ground as you walk!


Q2HAN gave a detailed tutorial on how to create this black homecoming dress. Check it out! 

What do you think about the black homecoming dress? I made one myself, and it was just lovely. I love how the wind blows the skirt.  Wearing this black dress makes me feel like the Homecoming Queen!

Here are three pieces of advice to wear this dress. Moms can put lace to cover the bare part that exposes the midriff. To look more stylish, jazz up this outfit by wearing accessories and glamorous shoes. And last but not the least, don’t forget to complete your look with a nicely done hairstyle and makeup.

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