11 Easy Sewing Projects For A Fun Labor Day Celebration

It’s Labor Day again–that time of the year we pay tribute to all the working men and women. That includes our husbands, friends, and even you, for without everyone where would our country be? This is also a time where we celebrate our achievements and reminisce how far we’ve come each year. So every time Labor Day approaches, I make some extra preparations for the annual tradition that my family and friends have started 5 years ago. I go crazy planning for the cookout meals and of course, the outfits and decors. So, I’m sharing here with my 11 easy sewing projects that moms can make for Labor Day.

11 Easy Sewing Projects For A Fun Labor Day Celebration

Patriotic Easy Sewing Projects

It’s going to be Labor Day soon, and I feel you would like some easy sewing projects to prepare for that day. Let’s celebrate this national holiday by decorating our house or by wearing something that screams red, white and blue.

Each project will only take you a few minutes to finish. Most are made from the extra stash of fabric you have at home, but the common theme for these all is the use of red, white and blue. Happy sewing!

1. Wine Glass Coasters

When the wine glass sweats, these coasters will catch the liquid. This will protect the surface of your furniture. Look at how Restyled Junk did it here.


2. Shabby Chic American Flag

Create a patriotic flag with some of your extra lace and tulle at home. The square patch is made from an old shirt. Look at how it’s done here.


3. Pocket tees

All we need for this project is a plain t-shirt and some red, white, and blue fabrics. It is a very simple project because you just need to make a pocket or a map to accent the t-shirt. Click here.


4. Red, white and blue dress

Check out this dress design with built in shorts. Your little girl will surely love this cute and comfortable design from Sugar Bee Crafts.


5. Bustle dress

You can make a bustle dress from different left over fabrics you have in the house. It looks complicated, but it is actually easy to make based on Heart Break Kids tutorial.

6. Burlap Bunting

burlap bunting | 11 Easy Sewing Projects For A Fun Labor Day Celebration
image via hgtv

Try making your own traditional handmade American Flag bunting for Labor Day. You can get the tutorial of this burlap from hgtv.


7. Placemat

Here’s another piece you can put on your table- an American flag placemat! Don’t you think it’s cool? Each strip on the flag is made from a different piece of fabric. Look at how it was done here.


8. Table runner

Create a beautiful table setting for your Labor Day celebration with this patriotic table runner. This project calls for bandanas only. Check out the intruction here.


9. Napkin rings

Add an old American spirit to your dinner table with this napkin rings using felt and some buttons! Check this tutorial to recreate this project.


10. Cute hair bow

Pull up your little girl’s hair with this cute star spangled hair bow! We know she will love it. Just a Touch of Crazy walks us through how to make it.


11. All-American Hat

american hat | 11 Easy Sewing Projects For A Fun Labor Day Celebration
image via diyready

Protect yourself from the summer sun with this All-American Hat. You can even use this scarf for another purpose like wrapping it around your bag or throwing it over your couch to give a patriotic feel. Here’s the link to the tutorial.


Watch this video from Beacon Adhesives for more Labor Day DIY project. It’s a stylish pillowcase that you can use for your throw pillows in your living room.

Which of these easy sewing projects are you doing today? Gather up your red, white and blue fabrics and start sewing before the first Monday of September hits you! Happy Labor Day!


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