Upcycle an Old Tie and Sew a Cool DIY Phone Case

If you have a couple of old neckties in your husband’s closet, then this DIY phone case tutorial is for you! You don’t have to give them away. Read on to learn how to upcycle old neckties. This sewing project will also make an excellent gift idea for the man in your life.

One way to save money is to DIY items like a phone case and this time we will be teaching you how to do that by using an old necktie. You will not believe how easy the steps are in this tutorial! Plus, you don’t need to spend a single cent on this project.

Upcycle an Old Tie and Sew a Cool DIY Phone Case

If you have old neckties your husband or son aren’t using anymore, why not sew a DIY phone case? Everyday tons of usable clothes are being thrown into landfills all over the country. These clothes can be anything if we just use our imagination! For example, a man’s shirt can be turned into an off the shoulder blouse. Today, we are sharing this quick tutorial on making something useful out of something old.


For this DIY Phone case, you’ll need:

  • Necktie
  • Scissors
  • Large button
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Velcro
  • Glue gun


Ready? Get set…sew!


Step 1. Measure and Snip off

Lay out the necktie on the table and put the cellphone on top. Mark the places where you would need to cut. Now that you know the measurements, grab your fabric scissors and snip off the upper part of the necktie.

Step 2. Rip Seam Off

You can use a seam ripper or sharp scissors for this step. Just carefully remove the stitches on the back part of the necktie. Then pick the remaining stitches to keep it looking clean.

Step 3. Fold and sew

Now that the stitches have been removed, flip the fabric over to the back. Then, hand sew the pieces back together using a straight stitch.

Step 4. Turn inside out

We are now ready to flip the fabric inside out so that the printed area will show. Lay it flat on the table and iron it.

Step 5. Stick on the velcro

This time, we will need to cut two tiny pieces of Velcro which we’ll need to hot glue on the fabric. This will help close the flaps of our neck tie DIY phone case.


And that’s it!

You’ve just finished sewing an easy DIY phone case! How quick was that?


Check out how easy the steps for this necktie DIY phone case tutorial is in this video from Thaitrick!

Don’t you think this DIY phone case from a necktie is the perfect gift? There are endless possibilities with this craft. You can embellish it with appliques, embroidery, beads, and buttons! Get creative and have a happy sewing / upcycling day!


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