Knitting Basics: How To Knit The Seed Stitch The Easy Way

Want to learn how to knit a seed stitch? Knitting stitches are really fun. It’s texture may look complicated but it’s very simple and easy to do. The seed stitch is very common that you find in knitting, and if you’ll learn how to knit and purl, it will be pretty easy for you to knit the seed stitch.

Knitting Basics: How To Knit The Seed Stitch The Easy Way

Quick Knitting Lessons for Beginners

What is a seed stitch? How do I learn that? It looks so complicated…. Those questions are very common for us new knitters, but, I assure you once you try it – literally just one try, you’ll definitely want to try it again. The seed stitch – or British knitters call it moss stitch, is a very common reversible decorative material, flat, and has kind of slightly bumpy texture. We usually see it on stitched hat, scarf, pouches, and other stitched accessories. So? Ready to learn? Join me and let’s check the tutorial I got from Heidi of All Free Knitting’s channel.

You’ll only need:


Step 1. Cast on an even number

To start knitting seed stitch, you need to cast on an even number (like 10).

Step 2. First row

For the first row, you will knit one and purl one across. Just follow the pattern (knit one stitch, purl one stitch, knit one stitch and purl one stitch). Continue knitting and purling until you finish your first row.

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Step 3. After knitting the first row

For the next row, flip your work over. As you can see after knitting the first row, you’ve got purl bumps on every other side of the stitch. In knitting a seed stitch, everywhere there’s a purl bump, and a purl stitch, everywhere there’s a knot. And in doing that will result in alternating bumps of seed stitch.


Step 4. Second row

So on the second row, you will purl one stitch and knit one stitch all the way across. Looking at the other side of your work, as you can see, everywhere you purl a stitch there’s a bump, and everywhere you knit, there’s a knot. So it’s almost like a checkerboard pattern the way you alternate knitting and purling.

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Step 5. Your swatch

Continue working until you made you very own seed stitch swatch. When you’re done, practice and try to create other designs.

Watch the video tutorial of Heidi for full details here:

 There are so many pretty crafts you can do with the seed stitch. Learning how to do it will be your guide to be more creative for your knitting projects. I hope you liked and enjoy this tutorial. Happy crafting!

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