Sewing Project Tutorial | How To Sew An Elegant Wedding Garter

Are you a soon-to-be bride? Well, I’m sure you’re thinking of wearing and throwing a garter on your wedding day. Obviously, aside from tradition, we look forward to it as a fun part of the occasion. So let me share you a very easy tutorial on how to sew your own elegant wedding garter.

Sewing Project Tutorial | How To Sew An Elegant Wedding Garter

How to Sew your own Elegant Wedding Garter

Wearing and throwing a garter on your wedding day is an honored tradition for the big day. It is a key component of a bride’s wedding day attire that is hidden underneath the gown, waiting for the lucky groom to retrieve it and toss to all single men at the reception. Just like the bouquet of flowers, wedding garter is an integral part of the wedding day. And, this tutorial I got from CraftNerdArtLabs channel will show us a very easy step on how to make a wedding garter. So check this out.

Here are the things you’ll need:


Step 1. Cut the lace

Cut your lace according to your measurement (make sure your lace is stretchy so it won’t fall down your leg).

Step 2. Sew

Turn the lace inside-out to sew, use a straight stitch to put a seam in the garter.

Step 3. Mark the center of the lace

To add the adornments, mark the center with a pin.

Step 4. Add the adornments

Hand sew the adornment to attach to the lace.


And you’re done. You can also choose your lace color and adornments, or use an applique.

You can also watch the full video tutorial here:

With just a bit of stretch lace ribbon and a few enhancement, you’ll have a homemade garter in no time. So for your upcoming wedding day, make this garter and let it add to the tradition and wedding fun at the reception. You can choose the color of your lace. Play with the designs to make it look more elegant. Have fun and be creative with this sparkly sewing project.

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