Sewing Classes | 10 Free Online Classes You Can Take

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Sewing just got easier, thanks to free online sewing classes. And amongst all the choices out there, we’ve prepared a list of the ones seamstresses swear on. Here are courses that should get your feet wet.

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10 Free Online Sewing Classes You Should Sign up On

1. Made to Sew

No doubt, the best online sewing course you can find out there. Made to Sew is available on YouTube with all its content is free. You can even choose a specific playlist to watch continuously.

From beginner’s sewing to dressmaking tutorials, the channel has it all. It also garnered a large following who spoke about the quality of the content.

2. Skillshare

Skillshare App | sewing classesSkillshare is a well-known online learning platform. It gives you complete access to your selected courses for free for an entire month. It should be more than enough time for you to learn the basics.

When it comes to online sewing classes, I have a lot of favorites. But I recommend Ariana Bauer’s “Sewing Patterns 101: Learn to Read Sewing Patterns”. And don’t forget Valeria Garala’s “SEWING 101 – The Basics.”

3. Anita By Design

Here’s another YouTube channel that has free online sewing classes. Make sure you have your sewing machine to follow along.

From men’s wear to fabric hauls, this channel has you covered. For complete newbies, this will help you build a solid foundation. It also has guides on how to use a sewing machine.

4. Udemy

udemy phone app | sewing classesNow, you might need to shed a few dollars for this one. But courses from this site are comprehensive and will surely pay dividends. Udemy is another online learning platform that offers as low as $10 per course when they are on sale.

Some instructors I like are Margaret Smith and Kimberly Irwin. They are the site’s best-selling and highest-rated sewing courses.

5. Creativebug

Creativebug Apps | sewing classes
Creativebug lets you access its content through a free trial. What makes this site unique is its focus on crafts, including sewing.

It also offers how-to craft tutorials for specialty products you can use for retail! Tip when buying online courses from this site: check the reviews before buying, and wait for a sale.

Watch the whole class before joining. And if you are not interested, ask for a refund (It is a guarantee that applies to all the offers!)

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6. Evelyn Wood

This YouTube channel provides exceptional free online sewing classes for beginners. It will guide you through the whole process of making clothes. The instructor has several videos where she sews different styles of clothing.

These videos are easy to follow. It also has videos of troubleshooting some issues when using a sewing machine.

7. The English Tailor

The English Tailor | sewing classesThe English Tailor specializes in giving beginners a run-through of the must-have equipment. The instructor also has several tutorials on making bowties, collars, and men’s pants.

If you like his teaching style and want to learn more, You can sign up on The Sewing Guru website. And continue to learn with his lessons.

8. Threads By BD

Threads By BD is a renowned online sewing classes channel. It will help you learn basic patterns for different types of skirts. You can master making straight, circle, and A-line skirts.

The instructor also teaches how to make sheath dresses, waistbands, and men’s bodies.

9. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is a jack of all trades type of YouTube channel. It teaches its viewers how to sew, cook, and craft DIY items. And the instructor for sewing is very beginner-friendly. If you want online sewing classes that are easy to follow, this channel is for you.

10. Farmhouse on Boone

Farmhouse on Boone is a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching a wide range of sewing projects. You can learn to make an apron, a kid’s dress, curtains, with even more.

The transition of each lesson is top-notch. And the instructors will disclose all the materials needed. You can also master the techniques.

Get sewing tips straight from Gertie before you start online sewing classes. Watch this: 

Once you finish a course, it would help you from time to time could ask someone to check on your progress. It helps to have a knowledgeable person watch your work.

In doing so, you’ll pick up extra tips and skills to further improve your craft. So go check out these online sewing classes, and get those fingers busy!

Which free online sewing classes are you interested in now? Sound off in the comments below!


37 thoughts on “Sewing Classes | 10 Free Online Classes You Can Take

  1. Priscilla Asante says:

    Please really have the passion to sew and i have being trying some videos on YouTube for beginners but the are consistent and progressive so i want your help.

  2. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much, I have a new machine singer truly, I do have a passion to make my own clothes for my grandchildren, women and men. I would love to join you and gain some experience through you. Thank you a million times looking forward for your free course.

  3. Sekithia Jujuan Wilder says:

    I have had a passion for sewing for a long time and talked about it for years, and my girlfriend just brought me a sewing mechine. Please select me for your class.

  4. Naa Laryea says:

    i am a nurse but have a passion for sewing. i hv bought a machine and hoping to join your classes to help me sew for myself and kids. please accept me. I want to know all about sewing. Thank u

  5. cindi drew says:

    I use to sew a lot in my 20s. Now Im 64 yrs old and I recently bought a new sewing machine, a pattern for a pretty blouse, and i was fooled im having a hard time with some of the word meanings and cutting the pattern out was crazy hard compared to my younger. So im putting my blouse o hold till i get some of my knowledge back. i would really like to learn from you, if possible.

  6. Ruth Angotti says:

    Hi I’m a 60 year that has never sewed till the Pandemic hit. Tried making masks by hand for the family and decided to buy my first sewing machine. Now I need to learn and know what I’m doing. I’ve been watching all the videos I can and there is so much to sewing that is so confusing. Tried to graduate to making pillowcases and they turned out okay but the material kept moving on me even though I pinned it a lot. So much to all the different fabrics, sewing techniques, what stitch to use, the length-width. Oh boy pretty overwhelming. Would Love to be able to make things for my grandchildren, kids, hubby and hopefully things for the home. Thank you!!

  7. Serina Ruggeri says:

    I am seamstress who teaches online and in person classes. I would love to help each of you (in this thread of comments) reach your fullest potential in sewing. Please reach out to me any time!

  8. What Air says:

    I am a sewing machine researcher and I research on latest sewing machines. All the best sewing machines are listed in my blog om/sewgadgets.c. you can pick any one according to your needs.

  9. kathina morgan says:

    Hi I’m a complete beginner. Just purchased a sewing machine so I can learn how to make clothes. Where to begin?

  10. Naite Moors says:

    Sewing is my passion but i didn’t had the chance to learn how to sew. And i think this is my time , its a very good chance for me. Will you please help me?

    Thank You

  11. Raquel Bernardino says:

    I’ve always loved clothes but now, I want to learn the skill of sewing and put up my own services in the future.

  12. Aniko says:

    I would love to learn sewing online as I have a full time job and would fit my rota perfectly. However I have one question. Do any of these online courses give amy certificate once I complete the course? As I have no English certificate but only from my birth country and that is not really recognised here in the UK. So I would definitely need some sort of certificate that says I do have a basic knowledge to sewing. How is this part of the course works?

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