15 Sewing Room Organization Hacks For Hassle-Free Sewing

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As sewers, we’re always on the lookout for sewing room organization hacks. We all know half the work in sewing gets done from an organized sewing room. Luckily, I have this roundup of nifty ideas to help you out!

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Sewing Room Organization Hacks for a Clutter-Free Working Space

1. Cutting Tables

green paper cutting mat background | diy sewing room organization ideas
Never fumble for your measuring tape while cutting your fabric! Glue your measuring tape to the edge of your cutting table for easier cutting. Plus, it’s definitely a fun and certain way of crafting.

2. Magnet Boards

close womans hand pointing finger blackboard | diy sewing room organization ideas
Put an end to losing your canister of buttons! With a magnet board and a few metal containers, you can now store your buttons and other embellishments neatly.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Organizer *A fave Sewing Room Organization Trick!

stack of carton rolls on table | diy sewing room organization ideas
A specialty organizer box isn’t expensive. But try to combine your expenses for all your sewing room accessories. You will be disappointed at the staggering cost.

Channel your DIY streak into making your own organizer box using toilet paper rolls. You can put marking pens, spools, and buttons separately within each roll.

4. Framed Thread Holder

assorted color threads | diy sewing room organization ideas
Add a little touch of interior design into your sewing room with this nifty hack. Make a framed thread holder to keep your threads in one place, and to show the world how organized you are!

5. Organizing Fabric Scraps *Even pros use this Sewing Room Organization hack!

woman chooses scraps colored tissue | diy sewing room organization ideas
A sewer never throws fabric cuttings or any sewing scraps away. They are very handy for so many sewing projects.

Here’s a nifty idea for organizing your scraps. Sort them according to colors or sizes. Either way, it will be easier to access a fabric scrap for your next projects.

6. Cardboard Trim Organization

multicolor thread on cardboard embroidery floss | diy sewing room organization ideas
Trimmings, ribbons, and bias are better stored wound on something to make them easier to unspool.

Cardboard is practically a free material you can use to wound strips and ribbons on. It’s also easier to store it since it isn’t bulky. Keep your extra bias tapes organized and in an accessible place with pieces of cardboard as spools.

7. Button Jars

jar full multi colored buttons overflowing | diy sewing room organization ideas
Whether plastic or glass, try keeping jam or peanut butter jars. Buttons are one of the sewing accessories which are hard to store. Storing them in transparent containers aren’t only beautiful, they are handy when you’re in need of a specific kind of button too.

8. Pill Trays of Buttons *Bet you didn’t expect this Sewing Room Organization tip!

trays coloured buttons | diy sewing room organization ideas
Pill trays are genius human inventions. There are lots of things you can store in this little organizer, such as sewing buttons! Now you won’t lose your head looking for buttons when you have them all in one place.

9. Thread Catcher

handmade zipper pouch embroidery hoop mouline | diy sewing room organization ideas
Let a cute little thread catcher help keep you organized and neat while working on your next sewing project. Use it to store excess fabric and thread. You can even download patterns for it online!

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10. Fabric Organization System

quilt fabric squares | diy sewing room organization ideas
There are many ways to store and organize fabrics. Pick one or two of these choices of fabric storing for the one which will work out for your sewing room.

11. Bendy Straws to Keep Your Bobbins Organized

multicolored plastic straws tube roll | diy sewing room organization ideas
I hate it when I can’t find the bobbin I have to use for a project. With this sewing room organization hack, I can keep my bobbins together and within reach.

Glue your bendy straws on a flat surface, keeping the bendy part upright and on the top so your bobbins won’t topple over. You might want to use skinny straws so your bobbins can fit.

12. DIY Pegboard For Sewing Room

sewing equipment hanging on peg board | diy sewing room organization ideas
A pegboard is definitely a must-have for every sewing room. It’s one of the great sewing room ideas for small spaces. Make your own pegboard to make great use of those bare vertical spaces.

13. Binder Clips

colorful multi color binder clips isolate | diy sewing room organization ideas
Keep your elastics from tangling with one another. Use inexpensive binder clips—yes, the one from your favorite school supply store—to keep them in tidy loops.

14. Clothespins to Keep Your Embroidery Floss From Tangling

clothespins clothespin drying billiards | diy sewing room organization ideas
There’s nothing more time-consuming than untangling threads and embroidery floss together. Prevent this frustrating event from happening by looping your embroidery floss or yarns on wooden clothespins!

15. Shoeboxes Ribbon Dispenser

set color threads cardboard compartment | diy sewing room organization ideas
Transform old shoeboxes into an organized ribbon dispenser. Using eyelets as holes and cardboards as divisions between ribbons, you can now keep your ribbons organized.

Learn more sewing room organization hacks from this video by Craftsy:

Transform your sewing room and make it Pinterest-worthy with these sewing room organization ideas. Now you know how to store your sewing accessories and make use of prime sewing room spaces. This time, you can get creative and organized at the same time with these sewing room organization hacks!

Aren’t these sewing room organization hacks inspiring? Tell us which ones you like best in the comments section below!


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7 thoughts on “15 Sewing Room Organization Hacks For Hassle-Free Sewing

  1. Susan MacLeod says:

    I use a thread rack similar to the one in the top photo. I keep the matching bobbins on the peg, then add the spool on top. Keeps the matching colors together and decreases use of bobbin boxes.

  2. Barbara Fitchitt says:

    So many clever ideas!!! Being organized is a wonderful gift to me, because I don’t waste precious time searching for something essential that’s been stuck in a junk drawer since who knows when! Thank you for these fantastic & sensible ideas!

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