How to Change Sewing Machine Needle | Sewing 101

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Learn how to change sewing machine needle so you can say goodbye to being accidents. Like being pierced by a sewing machine needle while inserting or removing it. Check out the step by step here!

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Sewing 101: How to Change Sewing Machine Needle Like A Pro

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Proper insertion of your needle in your sewing machine is essential. It guarantees proper stitch formation and prevents any permanent damage to your machine or your sewing project.

Learning how to change sewing machine needle is easy. But actually inserting a needle into a sewing machine requires you to make sure you don’t break the needle in the process. This will help you work safely and efficiently on your sewing projects.

Tools Needed:

 Steps on How to Change Sewing Machine Needle:

Removing the Needle

  1. Insert the tip of the needle into the small hole of the needle insertion tool.
  2. Pull it up over the needle.
  3. Take your screwdriver and start loosening the needle screw.
  4. Loosen it the rest of the way using your hand, until the screw drops out.

Replacing the Needle

  1. Insert your needle on the hole of your needle insertion tool.
  2. Push it as high as it can go.
  3. Tighten the space using your finger.
  4. Do a quarter of a turn with your screwdriver.
  5. Remove the tool from your needle.

 Steps on How to Change Sewing Machine Needle:

  • You need a needle insertion tool so you won’t lose your needle down at the base of your machine.
  • Some sewpers place a small piece of paper or an index card on the base. This stops the needle from falling down into the machine, incase you drop your needle.
  • The flat space on the needle has to back when it is inserted. It also has a rounded area.
  • Feel the groove in the front of the needle — that means your needle was inserted properly.

After you’ve removed the needle, dispose your needles properly on the sharp’s container. You may use a prescription pill container, or a film canister as long as you dispose of your needles in a safe place. See it’s that easy to learn how to change sewing machine needle.

Watch this tutorial Made to Sew if you need some visuals:

Now that you’ve learned the proper method of sewing machine needle insertion and removal, you can be safe and confident the next time you attempt it.

Have you ever tried replacing your sewing machine needle? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published 0n October 10, 2019, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


4 thoughts on “How to Change Sewing Machine Needle | Sewing 101

  1. Linda says:

    My biggest problem is finding the hole for the needle to go back into. I solved this by buying a little 2″ mirror that I can hold under the hole to see it. Works better.

    Thanks for the tip: “flat to the back”. That was always a question.

  2. Marilyn Blevins says:

    Putting a piece of paper under your needle and pressure foot so that your needle will not fall inside your machine in case you drop it. I use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the needle in place making sure the needle is inserted correctly, tighten the screw with my other hand.

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