Sewing Patterns | 21 Pattern for Beginners That Are Fun and Easy

colorful fabric hanging dry after traditional | fabric stash management

Learning easy sewing patterns for beginners is a handy life skill. We collated these quick and easy sewing projects. So sit back, relax, and have fun with these sewing patterns you’ll be doing this weekend.

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21 Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners

1. Pillowcase

assorted color stack of pillows | easy sewing projects for beginners

Improve your home aesthetic with some pillows in cute cases. With extra fabric at home, you can make pillowcases to design your living area.

2. Fluffy Baby Blankets

wood relaxation bed table | easy sewing projects for beginners

Nothing is softer than the skin of a newborn baby. That is why they cuddle in the softly and most cuddly baby blanket ever. Make one or two for your little angel this weekend!
It is a few sewing patterns for beginners that I keep coming back to!

3. DIY Drawstring Bags

heap of textile bags in different sizes | easy sewing projects for beginners

Create your own cute and roomy drawstring bags! These bags are so easy to make you can alter the size to your taste. They can be as big as a regular backpack or small enough to carry some daily essentials.

4. Flannel Scarves

woman in black and white scarf | easy sewing projects for beginners

Look extra chic with DIY scarves! This simple yet classy fashion accessory is easy to make.
We call this kind of sewing pattern for beginners that you can use to make items to sell!

5. Fabric Key Chains

keychain made handmade fabrics | easy sewing projects for beginners

Turn your scrap fabric into fashionable keychains! These unique accessories are also the perfect gift ideas. Just add unique designs that speak of your friends and family’s personalities!

6. Tote Bag

cloth tote bags with assorted prints hanging on a rack | easy sewing projects for beginners

Tote bags are fashionable and functional creations perfect for domestic goddesses like you. Plus, you can make different sizes and designs that can make money!

7. A-Line Skirt

woman wearing skirt holding her shoes | easy sewing projects for beginners
An A-line skirt is one of the simplest types of skirt you can make in your sewing room. All you need is your skills are fabric and your trusty sewing machine!

8. Simple Sleep Mask

fashion love woman relaxing | easy sewing projects for beginners

Make sure you get your beauty sleep with this simple sleep mask. Whether traveling or staying home, you can always look cute while resting.
Additional to the list of sewing patterns for beginners.

9. Felt Bookmark

flat lay opened diary planner shaped | easy sewing projects for beginners

Never lose another bookmark again by making and using your own felt bookmark. Time to use your spare felt fabric and your imagination.

10. DIY Lunch Bags

Go green with your own reusable and stylish lunch bags! And the fun bonus? You can also use them as pouches and storage for makeup and other accessories!

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11. Maxi Skirt

woman in white and green dress standing on dock | easy sewing projects for beginners

Look extra stylish with an easy-to-make maxi skirt! You can make your own with a light fabric and a few basic stitches.

Of course, sewing patterns for beginners can help you look stylish too!

12. DIY Cloth Headband

photo of woman wearing black off shoulders | easy sewing projects for beginners

Look extra perky and put together with some cute DIY headbands! Add personality to them by choosing fun printed fabrics. They’re perfect accessories for any style preference!

13. Kimono Top

summer fashion portrait pretty woman | easy sewing projects for beginners

A fashionable kimono top that’s also comfy? Yes! It’ll be the most fashionable accessory for any summer or spring outfit!

14. DIY Wallet

quilting product wallet quilt homemade japanese | easy sewing projects for beginners

Make your wallet with your choice of design and print! Easy sewing patterns for wallets let you craft great gifts for your loved ones.

15. Reusable Bowl Cover

set bowls covered reusable zero waste | easy sewing projects for beginners

One of the best benefits of being a sewer is you can create cute and functional things for your home. A reusable bowl cover is an answer to your food bowls with missing covers!
I bet you’ll be making one real soon.

16. Stylish DIY Leggings for Kids

children holding gray game controller sitting on white bed | easy sewing projects for beginners

Take your young ones’ leggings to the next level of cuteness with some embellishments! Making your kids’ leggings is the perfect way to use any extra knit or felt fabrics you have!

Another new style on our list for sewing patterns for a newbie.

17. Skirt with Inner Shorts

A comfy skirt with built-in shorts is comfortable and perfect for all ages! Make a pair for your granddaughter, daughter, or even yourself. We’re all about comfy + stylish!

18. Bandana Bib

baby doll wearing bandana bib portrait | easy sewing projects for beginners

Your little angels will look even cuter with cute and easy-to-make bandana bibs! Unleash your creativity and sewing skills by making different designs this weekend.

19. DIY Linen Dress

woman in white dress standing on green grass field | easy sewing projects for beginners

Nothing feels cooler to the skin than a linen dress. Try making your own chic and classic dress that suits any occasion. We know you can do it!

20. DIY Stuffed Fabric Letters

This easy sewing pattern is a sure hit for your young ones! Teach young kids their letters the fun way with cute stuffed fabric letters with a creative seam. With some extra fabric and stuffing, you can easily do this project.

21. Beach Dress

woman in orange polka dot spaghetti strap dress standing near flowers | easy sewing projects for beginners

Sew your cool and comfy beach dress before enjoying the sea and sand! A simple A-line beach dress is the perfect weekend project for you.
Talk about sewing patterns for beginners best for summer!

Need a little refresher on how to understand sewing patterns for beginners? Watch this video from Vintage Thirsty:

Sewing projects don’t need to be too complicated for you to enjoy. Sometimes simple sewing patterns for beginners are better for your sewing skills. No need for a class sewing machine with an extraordinary imagination is enough.

Do you have anything else to add to our list of sewing patterns for beginners? Tell us in the comments section below!


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12 thoughts on “Sewing Patterns | 21 Pattern for Beginners That Are Fun and Easy

  1. Tracey Lee says:

    Oh even I can do this!!! Lol. My granddaughter has 2 parents that loose everything all the time and I’m broke buying her clothes for them to loose!!!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for explaining how to understand a pattern. I am 75 and just retired from nursing. Have not sewed in years. Now I am ready to restart. Will follow more of your videos!

  3. Pat Dixon says:

    Even though I haven’t sewn in years, bought a new machine with plans to teach my grand-daughter to sew. She is interested in making face masks. Can you recommend a tutorial/pattern for face masks? Thank you!

  4. Sue Bregman says:

    I really enjoyed your beginner video.
    One question: what type of paper do you use to copy your pattern? Is it special paper for sewing?

    Thanks so much,

  5. muhammad says:

    Warp knitting is different from weft knitting in the sense that, every needle loops its own thread. The needles of warp knitting machines produce parallel rows of loops that are interlocked in a zigzag pattern.

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